Cowboys and Samurai

Second adventure

The fight under Welland's Port, - the Nudification of Ramses

Ariella, Black and SINdy were arguing with old-man-Gord about what had happened. Apparently, what actually happened was that two of the slaves, Thomas and Paul Sticks had escaped. Shortly after, a group of masked thieves kidnapped old-man-Gord and Devin Baggs and went into the sewers. While they weren’t looking, old-man-Gord managed to sneak off and find SINdy. During this explanation John literally fell in with the group.

Knowing that time was short the group entered the yukky tunnels. Led there by old-man-Gord the group soon came upon six masked figures performing a ritual murder. In order to be safe, Black safely unloaded his blunderbuss… into the shoulder of the cultist blocking the entrance way into a large room and pushed pass him. John, while drawing his sword tried to hit the injured cultist with the hilt, missing horribly John stumbles past and into the room. Ariella then grabbed the guard who couldn’t move his shoulder due to some lodged bullets and pinned him in a bear hug. Most of the cultists then try to stab at the heroes. At this moment, several large demonic looking spider eggs on the ceiling hatch and rain down tiny screaming spiders distracting the head cultist who suffers some feedback from a lack of control of the ritual. Ramses who’s sitting in a circle surrounded by dolls tries to figure out where the demonic spiders came from.

Black, throwing his blunderbuss around his back, draws a pair of pistols, sticks one into the mouth of an oncoming cultist and, with a grin, fires. John decapitates the foolish cultist who went up against a knight with only a ritual blade. Ariella took to the skies of the high ceilinged room and dropped her charge who died in fascination with the beauty of his killer. One of the ritualists grab the handsome lad and runs into a side tunnel dropping an iron portcullis to block his escape. The two remaining cultist rush to the aid of the head cultist when the spiders suddenly disappear and the ritual circle surrounding Ramses gets scuffed up and his dolls go flying. Loosing his connection with the wrinkly-old-man, Ramses draws wings on the doll left in his hands and pins it where it is. Black shoots and kills the head ritualist despite the weak efforts of one of the cultists to take the bullet, at which point all the energy gathered up in the ritual explodes in a think goopy fog. John used the obscuring mist to conceal his movements as he tried to position himself behind the last two cultists. The two remaining cultist run from the room in a state of sheer panic. Ariella seeing the portcullis drop flies over there and, with an epic effort, lifts the portcullis with ease, lifting it hand over hand in mid air. Shocked into visibility by the yucky fog, SINdy forces herself to untie wrinkly-old-man and tells him to run to old-man-Gord and get to Wexford trading house. Ramses, seeing Lady Wexford through the fog alters his voodoo doll and pins it’s mouth shut. Black, grabs an iron rod and jams it into the portcullis mechanism and then, not really knowing what is going on, goes to the last person in the room and distracts him by swinging his empty blunderbuss at what Ramses was holding in his hands. John chases down the tunnel where the cultist ran off with Devin Baggs. Ariella rushes to John’s side yelling for the rest to follow her. The thick and disgusting fog seems to disintegrate all the clothes and belongings of Ramses. The now naked and furious slave snaps and takes a swing at SINdy who just manages to avoid it. Seeing what he did, and remembering much, Ramses prostrates himself to his master and begs forgiveness. While begging, Ramses remembers how he was mind controlled to help control the slaves. Studying the remains of the ritual, it seems like a prayer ritual to bring the rains. While the ritual calls for sacraficing a chicken, the group figures that sacraficing a human would super-charge the spell. Black grabs the rope that was used to tie the wrinkly-old-man down and binds Ramses who doesn’t fight back. Black, Ramses and SINdy then meet John and Ariella outside of the tunnels where they begin to track the fleeing cultist and the stolen slave.



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