Jeff: How much of the information regarding the White Vigil and the Council of Wizards would be known to a character with zero lore?

Marcel: Pretty much none. Really, this is mostly known by John. Just what it says in the description: They are a “Secret Service” and an extension of the Knights of the Round. Everyone knows they exist, very few know who the members are and no-one really knows what they do. They Protect the King. Just ignore the part where it talks about them being hunted by the supernatural. I’ll change that to “Evil Doers.”

Merlin is a legend. Anyone who can cast magic in Avillon tends to get burned at the stake if they’re found out. Avillonians, while superstitious, are more likely to make excuses about the supernatural but any “evidence” will tend to cause them to react with hostility and/or violence.

Scholarship roll to know of them and how their orgazation works and a very difficult Lore check to know of the history and inner workings.

Jeff Same question regarding the Rokuganese supernatural (Shadowlands and the Jade Court for example).

The Rokuganese are not like Avillonians, they truly beleive in magic and all that, but are terrified of it. They worship spirits and all that. The Shadowlands is a legend in the memories of the poor. The nobles have kept better records and, depending on the clan, know of its existence – at least its history. Ariella might have heard legends of the Shadowlands, but they are stories to tell kids to scare them into doing what they are told. I mean, the shadow-lands are part of the Rokuganese Creation Story. So the basics are available. It would require a Lore check or research.

Jade Court? What’s the Jade court?

Jeff: Is the Fox clan still in resistance with the Avalonians? I know there was that food riot but was that more because of food or because a enforced change?

Marcel The Fox Clan has been pretty much defeated but there are rebels who live in the forest South of Clear Water. (the map) Those who haven’t accepted New Avillonian rule secretly try to organize revolts and such.

Associating yourself with the Fox Clan can get you arrested, for no good reason – just because. Ariella has to be careful about this.


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