Wendyll Sacks

Short, Portly fellow with a balding crown and impressive mutton chops. He always seems a bit out of sorts



High Concept Wexford Trade Branch Manager
Trouble Indebted to the Wexford CLan
Other Aspects A penny saved is a penny earned; Rescued by Fate; Undying Loyalty; My Business is my Home;


Head Merchant for Wexford Trading Inc has been working faithfully for the company for twenty years.

He has an eye for detail and a mind for economics. He is an excellent judge of people and keeps himself on top of what is happening in town. He’s been charged to watch over SINdy, Lord Wexford daughter in her exile to New Avillon. He sees her as a neice and cares deeply for her. He seems to know more than he lets on concerning her exile.

Wendyll Sacks

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