Jeff's character



High Concept:
Exiled half klaboutermannikin

Poor little rich girl

Other Aspects:
Weak Id, Super Ego
Let’s make a deal
She who hides and runs away
New Avalon Underground
Cold Iron

Powers (adjusted refresh -5):
Klaboutermannikin stealth (+2 deception when veiling self)
Ghost Speaker

Great: Deceit
Good: Rapport, Presence
Fair: Contacts, Empathy, Athletics
Average: Resources, Alertness, Stealth, Scholarship, Conviction


1 2 3 4 5 6
Physical O O - - - -
Mental O O O - - -
Social O O O O - -



Current fate points:



Glamours [–2]
Description: You are able to create the basic glamours of the fae—minor veils and “seemings” that make something look like what it isn’t.
Skills Affected: Discipline, Deceit.
Minor Veils. With a moment of concentration, you may draw a veil over something(not particularly large—maybe the size of a small, tight group of people), hiding it from sight and other means of detection. Use your Discipline or Deceit to oppose efforts to discover the veil. If the veil is discovered, it isn’t necessary pierced—but the discoverer can tell that it’s there and that it’s wrong.
Seemings. You are able to cause someone or something to appear to be other than what it is—usually this is personal, but it may be used on other objects and people if they belong to you or have entered a pact with you. You may use your Discipline or Deceit skill to oppose any efforts to discover that the seeming is something other than real.

Ghost Speaker [–1]
Description: You see dead people. All the time. Some people mistakenly refer to you as an ectomancer (a kind of Focused Practitioner—see page 76), but your ability is more instinctual and you are not technically a spellcaster (although this ability can be added on top of an existing spellcaster if the character template allows for it).
Skills Affected: Social and perception skills.
See the Dead. You have no problems perceiving the presence of spirits and ghosts, unless they are deliberately trying to conceal themselves—in which case it’s Investigation (or Alertness) vs. Stealth.
Seen by the Dead. Spirits and ghosts have no problem perceiving you as well, regardless of how tenuous their manifestation is (page 170)—they recognize you as a conduit to the mortal world and will readily come forward to contact you. This means such creatures will see and find you more easily than other people, when all other factors are equal. Spirits get a +2 when trying to perceive or locate you.
Speak to the Dead. You can speak and otherwise communicate directly with ghosts and other
invisible or incorporeal spirits, without any need to perform thaumaturgy.
Seek the Dead. The dead seek you out, and it goes the other way as well—enough so that
you may use Contacts to seek out information and specific individuals among the dead.

Aquatic [–1
Description: You’re an underwater creature, with the benefits that come from that.
Skills Affected: Athletics.
Can’t Drown. You never take stress or consequences from drowning (this is not the same
as an immunity to choking or other means of suffocation).
Easy Swimming. You may ignore all waterbased borders while swimming, making your
underwater “sprints” all the more effective.


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