John McNamara


Adjusted Refresh: 6/8
Fate Point total: 2


Average +1 Fair +2 Good +3 Great +4
Alertness Contacts Fists Weapons
Discipline Might Presence
Endurance Survival


High Concept


  • Poor coping mechanism

Other Aspects

  • Big Shoes to Fill
  • Hounded by my conscience
  • A little bird told me
  • No way out
  • Hot on their heals
  • (Temp) Lack of conviction

Stunts & Power

You’re fast on your feet and have been in enough fistfights to know how to make yourself a hard target. You may use Fists to dodge attacks instead of Athletics, in all the circumstances where Athletics might apply.
Step Into the Blow:
When you use Fists to defend against a close -quarters attack and fail that defense, you may sacrifice your next action to counterattack immediately (with Fists) at +1.
Wall of Death:
Your skill with your weapon is such that you can attack several opponents at once, creating a veritable wall of death around you. This allows you to use the Weapons skill to make spray attacks with your melee weapon of choice against opponents that are in your zone.
I Know Just the Guy:
When you’re looking to gather some information from your network of contacts, you have unerring instincts for finding the right person, fast. When using the Gathering Information trapping, your efforts are at a +1 and are 1 time increment faster.
No Pain, No gain:
You can take a bunch of punishment before it starts to add up. You may take one additional mild physical consequence.
When you talk, people listen. When using Presence to command a group, gain +1 on the effort. Further, your efforts to coordinate a group are efficient, moving one time increment faster than normal.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Physical O O O - - - - -
Mental O O - - - - - -
Social O O O O - - - -


Type P/M/S Stress Used Aspect
Mild -2
Mild(Phys) -2
Moderate -4
Severe -6
Extreme -8


Name Type Shift Description
Long Sword Weapon 2 Named Ancestral long sword called +Ulfberh+t
Long dagger/dirk Weapon 1
Gauntlets Fists/Might 1
1/2 Plate Armor 2
Full Plate Armor 3
Large Shield Armor
Horse Old Pack horse

John is 37 years old and 6’3"

Phase 1 (Big Shoes to Fill)
Coming from a family with a long history of Knights, the young Delgado was destine to become a Knight as well. Educated with high standards of Honour and Chivalry he quickly made his way through the ranks.

Trying to live up to expectations of his father and family has taken him to high ranks in the military and ultimately to his downfall and disgrace.

Phase 2 (Hounded by my conscience)
Entered the military and quickly started to rise through the ranks of command. Showing a lot of potential Delgado Grant was recruited to the junior ranks of the Templars.

While in training in this elite branch of the military, Delgado was issued orders that went against his sense of honour and morals. Unable to leave the service of the Templars and go back to his old command quickly lead to alcohal abuse and later desertion.

Phase 3 (A little bird told me)
Thinking he is safe and living under a new name, John McNamara catches word that there have been inquiries as to the where abouts of a Delgado Grant (his former name in another life).

How will John McNamara Manage to deal with this potential threat and avoid capture.

Enter Ramses:
Ramses overhears a conversation between his master and a man looking for a Delgado Grant, a man who’s discription matches very closely with John McNamara, who had helped him out in the past.

Ramses is called forward to speak to the man and he gives the man as much information about John as he knows, but before the man leaves Ramses gets asks his name, which the man supplies without hesitation. Armed with his name, Ramses constucts a Voo-doo doll with a charm that will make this man unable to lie for a short time.

After night fall, Ramses leaves his masters place and goes out to seek John before this other man.

Enter Sindy:

Phase 4 (No way out)
When a peaceful protest by the Fox clan turns into a riot, London express thugs use the distraction to kidnap Sindy and drag her into an ally way.

Chasing after the wood be abductors, John gives chase into the ally way to confront the thugs. Seeing that their passage is being blocked by two individuals John seizes the opportunity and attacks the thugs.

Phase 5 (Hot on their heals)
While my master is in a drunken stooper, his Geisha gets kidnaped. In order to avoid a beating he must find and return her.

Recognizing a distraught individual who was making inquiries about a missing Geisha, John makes a few inquiries himself. After finding out more information from his friend Rinus at the Black Barnacle, John approaches Ramsey with this information and offers to help find the missing girl.

John McNamara

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