Gord Micheals

Old Guy Slave. Quick-witted and talkative. Sounds like Dick Van Dike in Mary Poppins


High Concept: Old Burglar Slave
Other Aspects: No Choirboy But Also No Monster; Can’t resist the Challenge; Quite as a Mouse; Not as young as I used to be; It’s my Lucky Day

For an old man who’s just recently gone from free-man to slave, he seems very unconcerned and relaxed about the whole thing. He just figures it’s better than owing lone sharks or living on the streets. To talk to him, though, he’s a bit concerned about what kind of slave he’ll end up. Maybe he won’t stick around if he doesn’t like the gig….


Gord was a fine burglar in his day. He was a freelance sanctionned by the local crime outfit. He got into some trouble in his day but he always manged to find his way out of it. After one Big Last Heist he retired. Some years later, though, he felt an itch to pull off another big job. That was the one that landed him in jail. He was ordered to be executed but he had enough good credit with the “powers that be” that he got offered being shipped off to the New Land. So here he is – a slave. That didn’t exactly work out as planned.

Gord Micheals

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