Geoffry Alcott

A thin man, always dressed well in rich clothing. Very personable, but intimidating and sometimes cruel if angered.


High Concept Slave Trader Merchant
Trouble Stone Cold
Other Aspects Can’t Rely on Anyone but Myself; Self-Made Man; When I talk, People Listen; People are Possesions;

Geoffry Alcott has made his fortune on the misery of others. While he doesn’t revel in cruelty, he’s found that being harsh, strict and sometimes cruel is the best way to maintain order and discipline. He reserves this for his employees and “merchandise”. When dealing with associates, or friends he’s pleasant and charming to be around – Although he doesn’t have much many friends. He’s pragmatic and doesn’t put much faith in others. All these qualities make him come across as having an aura of authority and power, but those who really get to know him find him impersonal, cold and calculating.


Geoffry Alcott

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