Constable Markus Donalson

Man in his forties. He always seems tired and over-worked.


High Concept: Ex-Soldier, Welland’s Port Constable
Other Aspects: Military Efficiency; Overworked, Under-paid; Knows A Little About A Lot; Respected by the Community; Respectfully dislikes the Fox Clan

The Constable is the hands and eyes of the Justices. He supervises the watchmen, enquires into offences, served summonses, executes warrants, organises the ‘Hue and Cry’, takes charge of prisoners and prosecutes them, in general, obeys the orders of the Justices.

His job is probably more social than he’s comfortable with, but he does it well and he has earned the respect of the town.


Markus Donalson was in the army for quite a long time before accepting a position to go to New Avillon where they were having problems concerning revolts with the Natives. Originally he was signed on as a low-ranking officer, but his ability to lead and think through problems allowed him to move up the ranks. His platoon was ambushed while pursuing rebel Fox Clan fighters into the Vyakonzona Forest. He was greivously wounded but managed to escape with his life. With his injury, he was unable to continue in his position. He “retired” from the military but applied for the Constable position in Welland’s Port. He’s had the job for five years.

Constable Markus Donalson

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