Alice Pippery

In her sixties, Alice is friendly and remembers everyone's name and recognizes people despite being parially blind


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Face of the supernatural underground


High Concept: Oracular Hostle Owner
Trouble: Half Blind
Other Aspects: Sensitive to Energies; Called back from the edge; If you’d seen what I’ve seen; Samual’s Child,

Alice Pippery has been running Oztrmo’s Den for many years. It is the first stop for most new comers to Welland’s Port. Because of this, the hostel is used to as a means to root out those with Supernatural talents.

Alice has an uncanny ability to know when people are hiding these power – even by a touch or by just gazing into their eyes. She also has visions which she cannot control but because of her eccentric personality, people don’t usually take her predictions seriously.

She has been recruited by Samuel’s Children, an underground organization that helps people (and creatures) who are persecuted and protect the general public from supernatural predators by finding them before they can prey on mortals.

Alice uses her powers to find these people.


Alice Pippery

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