• Agashi Bajiza

    Agashi Bajiza

    Old Merchant who wanders the country-side selling his wares.
  • Alice Pippery

    Alice Pippery

    In her sixties, Alice is friendly and remembers everyone's name and recognizes people despite being parially blind
  • Constable Markus Donalson

    Constable Markus Donalson

    Man in his forties. He always seems tired and over-worked.
  • Devin Baggs

    Devin Baggs

    Handsome teenage Bard. Naive and optimistic.
  • Geoffry Alcott

    Geoffry Alcott

    A thin man, always dressed well in rich clothing. Very personable, but intimidating and sometimes cruel if angered.
  • Gord Micheals

    Gord Micheals

    Old Guy Slave. Quick-witted and talkative. Sounds like Dick Van Dike in Mary Poppins
  • Lord Gordon Boyd

    Lord Gordon Boyd

    In his early fifties, he's of Average height but carries a bit of a paunch. Very wealthy and well dressed.
  • Percy Shelly

    Percy Shelly

    Physically imposing. He looks at people with an unnerving stare.
  • Wendyll Sacks

    Wendyll Sacks

    Short, Portly fellow with a balding crown and impressive mutton chops. He always seems a bit out of sorts