Cowboys and Samurai

A New Day

Adventure run with only Rob and Jeff present.

As the storm starts to dissipate, SINdy and John interrogate the dock hands that attacked the group. It turns out that they were simply doing it for some quick money and they didn’t know the man in the boat or his captive. After a brief debate SINdy and John decided to let them go under the condition that, should the man show up again, they are to inform Wendyll Sacks immediately and receive a reward.

SINdy gets Black to bring Ramses and Devin Baggs to the Wexford holdings before turning in.

The next day is a bright and shinning morning. For the first day in a month, the sun is out and the birds are chirping. SINdy goes shopping. John, after sleeping it off, gets to Wexford later in the morning and has a bit of a dressing down from Wendyll. He is then told to fetch SINdy. Finding her at the market the two bring her purchases to her place. After a very quick 4 hour lunch (come on SINdy had a very rough night!) they make it to Wexford the house of Wendyll Sacks.

There they learn that Gordon Boyd is not pleased with them and he blames them for the escape of his slaves. SINdy also learns that her family holdings in Avalon suffered a fire and were mostly destroyed, leaving her in charge of her family’s last remaining assets. Poor family.

In the days to come, the name of the Wexford trading house is severely tarnished by rumours of poor service.

After the verbal thrashing from Wendyll and feeling discouraged John heads home to drown his miseries. On his way there John sees a crowd of people around a ship that has recently arrived at the docks. The ship was the Blue Heron and is one of the ships expected by the Wexford Trading Co.

Moving past the crowd to get to his room John recognises something rather alarming on some luggage that came off the ship. Just then John hears a voice he hasn’t heard in a few years, turning slowly, John immediately identifies its owner. In a bit of a panic John slowly makes his way to the shadows of an ally in order to observe the events.

Fearing his past is catching up with him John starts to make preparations for the day he knew would eventually come.

**There is a big chunk missing because of the Skype issues.

  • Note, no milestones after this adventure



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