Cowboys and Samurai

3rd Adventure

Into the Storm

By the time the group made their way out of the sewers, the rain had become a down-pour. Ariella and John, having gone ahead ran into a drinking buddy who was standing in a portacullis doorway trying to keep dry. He told the two that a man “carrying a girl wrapped in a blanket” had gone towards the docks. He’d overheard the man say, Fish Town. He also cracked a few lewd jokes aimed at Ariella.

Not waiting for the rest of the group, John and Ariella made their way to fish town. By this point, the rain was coming down so hard it was difficult to see anything and the wind was picking up.

Because of this, only Ariella noticed several people standing around a dock. She saw the Cultist and his prisoner getting into a boat. There were five others standing around.

By the time she approached, the boat had gone out into the Bay. She asked if there was a party going on and the men began to surround her.

The wind had picked up more and the waves were getting bigger. As one of the men put his arm around her, she grabbed him and threw him into the water.

At this point, John finally figured out what was going on and ran it to help. He rushed at one of the men and pushed him into the water as well.

Ariella jumped into another row boat and pursuid the cultist who had a big head-start, leaving John to fend off three thugs.

By this point, the rest of the group caught up. Ramsey’s noticed the fight, Black noticed the boat in the Bay and SINdy couln’t make anything out through the, now torrential, down-pour.

Black pointed to the boat and SINdy swam blindly after it while Ramsey found a sharp fishing tool and cut his bonds.

Black, not knowing what to do, noticed a harpoon and rope and began rigging it to his blunderbuss.

Meanwhile, John was having a hard time fending off the three attackers, one of whom had made it out of the bay. With many cuts and bruises, he managed to knock one unconcious. Ramseys ran in to help him.

By the time they got control of the situation, Black had fired his harpoon just as a flash of lightning silouetted it on the horizon. It embeded itself deeply into the boat. That same flash of lightning allowed SINdy, who’d been swimming this whole time, to finally see the boat. She approached just as Devin threw himself into the water.

The storm had picked up with such intensity that swimming or boating was becoming almost impossible and debris was being thrown everywhere.

Ramsey’s, ignoring the fighters, ran to the shore and helped the drowning thug out of the water. This good deed, combined with John’s fighting prowess and commanding demeanor lead the men to surrender.

Ariella, finally reached the Cultists boat. He cackled maniacally and, with a few words, a concentrated title-wave hit the half-Oni full in the chest breaking ribs and ripping skin. She decided to leave the boat and fly over to help SINdy who was being battered by the waves.

Just as SINdy dived underwater and Ariella grabbed Devin to fly him to safety, they noticed the small boat capsize and the occupants disappear into the dark waters.

The group grabbed their prisonners, while SINdy waited under water and safely waited out the hurricain.



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