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A New Day

Adventure run with only Rob and Jeff present.

As the storm starts to dissipate, SINdy and John interrogate the dock hands that attacked the group. It turns out that they were simply doing it for some quick money and they didn’t know the man in the boat or his captive. After a brief debate SINdy and John decided to let them go under the condition that, should the man show up again, they are to inform Wendyll Sacks immediately and receive a reward.

SINdy gets Black to bring Ramses and Devin Baggs to the Wexford holdings before turning in.

The next day is a bright and shinning morning. For the first day in a month, the sun is out and the birds are chirping. SINdy goes shopping. John, after sleeping it off, gets to Wexford later in the morning and has a bit of a dressing down from Wendyll. He is then told to fetch SINdy. Finding her at the market the two bring her purchases to her place. After a very quick 4 hour lunch (come on SINdy had a very rough night!) they make it to Wexford the house of Wendyll Sacks.

There they learn that Gordon Boyd is not pleased with them and he blames them for the escape of his slaves. SINdy also learns that her family holdings in Avalon suffered a fire and were mostly destroyed, leaving her in charge of her family’s last remaining assets. Poor family.

In the days to come, the name of the Wexford trading house is severely tarnished by rumours of poor service.

After the verbal thrashing from Wendyll and feeling discouraged John heads home to drown his miseries. On his way there John sees a crowd of people around a ship that has recently arrived at the docks. The ship was the Blue Heron and is one of the ships expected by the Wexford Trading Co.

Moving past the crowd to get to his room John recognises something rather alarming on some luggage that came off the ship. Just then John hears a voice he hasn’t heard in a few years, turning slowly, John immediately identifies its owner. In a bit of a panic John slowly makes his way to the shadows of an ally in order to observe the events.

Fearing his past is catching up with him John starts to make preparations for the day he knew would eventually come.

**There is a big chunk missing because of the Skype issues.

  • Note, no milestones after this adventure
3rd Adventure
Into the Storm

By the time the group made their way out of the sewers, the rain had become a down-pour. Ariella and John, having gone ahead ran into a drinking buddy who was standing in a portacullis doorway trying to keep dry. He told the two that a man “carrying a girl wrapped in a blanket” had gone towards the docks. He’d overheard the man say, Fish Town. He also cracked a few lewd jokes aimed at Ariella.

Not waiting for the rest of the group, John and Ariella made their way to fish town. By this point, the rain was coming down so hard it was difficult to see anything and the wind was picking up.

Because of this, only Ariella noticed several people standing around a dock. She saw the Cultist and his prisoner getting into a boat. There were five others standing around.

By the time she approached, the boat had gone out into the Bay. She asked if there was a party going on and the men began to surround her.

The wind had picked up more and the waves were getting bigger. As one of the men put his arm around her, she grabbed him and threw him into the water.

At this point, John finally figured out what was going on and ran it to help. He rushed at one of the men and pushed him into the water as well.

Ariella jumped into another row boat and pursuid the cultist who had a big head-start, leaving John to fend off three thugs.

By this point, the rest of the group caught up. Ramsey’s noticed the fight, Black noticed the boat in the Bay and SINdy couln’t make anything out through the, now torrential, down-pour.

Black pointed to the boat and SINdy swam blindly after it while Ramsey found a sharp fishing tool and cut his bonds.

Black, not knowing what to do, noticed a harpoon and rope and began rigging it to his blunderbuss.

Meanwhile, John was having a hard time fending off the three attackers, one of whom had made it out of the bay. With many cuts and bruises, he managed to knock one unconcious. Ramseys ran in to help him.

By the time they got control of the situation, Black had fired his harpoon just as a flash of lightning silouetted it on the horizon. It embeded itself deeply into the boat. That same flash of lightning allowed SINdy, who’d been swimming this whole time, to finally see the boat. She approached just as Devin threw himself into the water.

The storm had picked up with such intensity that swimming or boating was becoming almost impossible and debris was being thrown everywhere.

Ramsey’s, ignoring the fighters, ran to the shore and helped the drowning thug out of the water. This good deed, combined with John’s fighting prowess and commanding demeanor lead the men to surrender.

Ariella, finally reached the Cultists boat. He cackled maniacally and, with a few words, a concentrated title-wave hit the half-Oni full in the chest breaking ribs and ripping skin. She decided to leave the boat and fly over to help SINdy who was being battered by the waves.

Just as SINdy dived underwater and Ariella grabbed Devin to fly him to safety, they noticed the small boat capsize and the occupants disappear into the dark waters.

The group grabbed their prisonners, while SINdy waited under water and safely waited out the hurricain.

Second adventure
The fight under Welland's Port, - the Nudification of Ramses

Ariella, Black and SINdy were arguing with old-man-Gord about what had happened. Apparently, what actually happened was that two of the slaves, Thomas and Paul Sticks had escaped. Shortly after, a group of masked thieves kidnapped old-man-Gord and Devin Baggs and went into the sewers. While they weren’t looking, old-man-Gord managed to sneak off and find SINdy. During this explanation John literally fell in with the group.

Knowing that time was short the group entered the yukky tunnels. Led there by old-man-Gord the group soon came upon six masked figures performing a ritual murder. In order to be safe, Black safely unloaded his blunderbuss… into the shoulder of the cultist blocking the entrance way into a large room and pushed pass him. John, while drawing his sword tried to hit the injured cultist with the hilt, missing horribly John stumbles past and into the room. Ariella then grabbed the guard who couldn’t move his shoulder due to some lodged bullets and pinned him in a bear hug. Most of the cultists then try to stab at the heroes. At this moment, several large demonic looking spider eggs on the ceiling hatch and rain down tiny screaming spiders distracting the head cultist who suffers some feedback from a lack of control of the ritual. Ramses who’s sitting in a circle surrounded by dolls tries to figure out where the demonic spiders came from.

Black, throwing his blunderbuss around his back, draws a pair of pistols, sticks one into the mouth of an oncoming cultist and, with a grin, fires. John decapitates the foolish cultist who went up against a knight with only a ritual blade. Ariella took to the skies of the high ceilinged room and dropped her charge who died in fascination with the beauty of his killer. One of the ritualists grab the handsome lad and runs into a side tunnel dropping an iron portcullis to block his escape. The two remaining cultist rush to the aid of the head cultist when the spiders suddenly disappear and the ritual circle surrounding Ramses gets scuffed up and his dolls go flying. Loosing his connection with the wrinkly-old-man, Ramses draws wings on the doll left in his hands and pins it where it is. Black shoots and kills the head ritualist despite the weak efforts of one of the cultists to take the bullet, at which point all the energy gathered up in the ritual explodes in a think goopy fog. John used the obscuring mist to conceal his movements as he tried to position himself behind the last two cultists. The two remaining cultist run from the room in a state of sheer panic. Ariella seeing the portcullis drop flies over there and, with an epic effort, lifts the portcullis with ease, lifting it hand over hand in mid air. Shocked into visibility by the yucky fog, SINdy forces herself to untie wrinkly-old-man and tells him to run to old-man-Gord and get to Wexford trading house. Ramses, seeing Lady Wexford through the fog alters his voodoo doll and pins it’s mouth shut. Black, grabs an iron rod and jams it into the portcullis mechanism and then, not really knowing what is going on, goes to the last person in the room and distracts him by swinging his empty blunderbuss at what Ramses was holding in his hands. John chases down the tunnel where the cultist ran off with Devin Baggs. Ariella rushes to John’s side yelling for the rest to follow her. The thick and disgusting fog seems to disintegrate all the clothes and belongings of Ramses. The now naked and furious slave snaps and takes a swing at SINdy who just manages to avoid it. Seeing what he did, and remembering much, Ramses prostrates himself to his master and begs forgiveness. While begging, Ramses remembers how he was mind controlled to help control the slaves. Studying the remains of the ritual, it seems like a prayer ritual to bring the rains. While the ritual calls for sacraficing a chicken, the group figures that sacraficing a human would super-charge the spell. Black grabs the rope that was used to tie the wrinkly-old-man down and binds Ramses who doesn’t fight back. Black, Ramses and SINdy then meet John and Ariella outside of the tunnels where they begin to track the fleeing cultist and the stolen slave.

First adventure
Strained Economics

Wendyll Sacks, head merchant of Wexford Trading Inc called in SINdy. He requested that SINdy, the daughter of Lord Nathan Wexford take on an important task for the company.

Wendyll’s Associate, Geoffry Alcott, the owner of a Labour Personell Company was away in the Clan Lands in the North Tending to business. Wendyll asked SINdy to see to Mr. Alcott’s business in Welland’s Port until the he came back from his business dealings.

SINdy, unaccustomed to doing work for the company inquired about the change. Wendyll informed her that the unusual weather and constant storms had prevented his ships from coming in. He was afraid they might be lost at sea and therefore any deals they could tie up without hiring new personell would ensure the company’s survival for the season.

Wendyll hired Black as SINdy’s personal guard because of the recent attempts on SINdy’s life. He also hired John McNamara to deal with slaves and logistics of transporting them while SINdy dealt with the business end of things.

They were to bring four slaves to the Merchant Lord Gordon Boyd:
Devin Baggs, a young servant; Gord Micheals, an old burglar who chose slavery rather than execution; Paul Sticks, an elderly man and; Thomas Cleary, A young farmer who turned to crime when his farm burned.

Upon leaving the trading company the gang meets up with a local, Ariella of the Fox Clan who tells them she is seeking out members of Wexford Trading Co. She admits it’s that the request is strange but they will know more if they meet her at Oztrmo’s Den, the local Hostel in The Docks and meet with Alice Pippery, the Hostel owner. She gets them to promise to go over to the hostel after their errand.

While picking up the slaves the group calms down an incident between two prisoners:Percy Shelly, a notorious murderer who is being delivered to a Rich Noble in the Northern Frontier; and Devin Baggs a sixteen year old servant boy who had been sold to Gordon Boyd. Percy, not liking Devin’s recorder playing, decided to strangle the boy to death.

When The group then brings the slaves to Lord Boyd he attempted to convince SINdy to sell Ramses, Geoffry Alcott’s personal Servant. Claiming a social obligations, the group proceeds to see Alice Pippery.

Alice, who seemed sick tells them she had a vision. It revolved around the killings that have been happening lately and it culminated with Ramsey losing his soul. She told them the SINdy was the “fish lady” and Black was the “demon”. That they could stop the murders but that Ramseys would be in terrible danger. The group thought she was crazy, but decided to look into the murders

The gang then had a nice supper that didn’t include alphagetties but did include a large amount of booze for John. John decided to stumble home. The rest went to the nearest bobby precinct and spoke with an Irish cop, Constable Markus Donalson about the killings. He pointed them to where the bodies had been discovered and then to the morgue. At the morgue they determined that the killings were being done for rituals and the bodies were then dumped into the sea, where they eventually washed up on shore.

The group went to Fish Town to set up a stakeout for the killer. The two people who were hiding were then noticed by Gord Micheals who told them that another slave is being killed in the tunnels. The group there wasn’t time to call for back-up and plunged head-long into the stinking sewers.

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