In the land of Avillon, ruled by the descendants of King Arthur, the people prosper and do not fear to venture in to the night. Law rules and the Knights of the Round Table, who’s most worthy weilds Excaliber, have fought tirelessly to rid the land of those evil things that skulk in the Shadows.

The Knights, in their duty to stamp out evil, assembled the White Vigil, an organization who’s duty it is to root out Those who would show any talent or impurity – those who would seek to scarr the land. Together with the Council of Wizards, trained by Merlin, they have systematically rounded up and captured any who might threaten the Kings rule and the peace in the land. These threats have no-where to hide in Avillon and must face the Justice of the land.

The New Land: New Avillon and Rokugan. YR: 1667

New Avillon, the land of New Hopes and New Beginnings. Landed here in Welland’s Port, some are seeking their fortune, some are fleeing persecution, all are looking for a new life.

The Land of Rokugan was discovered by Samuel Welland, an explorer and Trader. He sailed East for three months he found a small island who’s inhabitants told him rumours of a land beyon the chaotic waves of the Maelstrom Sea. He learned that there was a small window for ships to sail, when the turbulant waters would calm enough to cross. Risking everything he set sail and, after 2 more months discovered a massive cliff that rose out of the sea. Following it South he sailed into a bay where he found Ryokosha Muza(Friendly Traveller Village). This is where the City of Welland’s Port, also known as Old Port or Welland’s Landing is today.

Over the last 100 years, travellers and traders have flocked to the land to find riches. Silks, Opium, natural resourses, slaves are available to those who have the know-how to find them and make trade. Old ruins that are a mystery to even the locals offer explorers and adventureres oportunities to find lost treasures.

Colonists seeking a new life have flocked to New Avillon, settling the southern peninsula which is populated by small scattered clans and villages. To the North is Rokugan where stronger Clans live but are to far removed from New Avillon to have much influence. All except The Scorpion clan. When the small Fox Clan, the residents of Ryokosha Muza fought against the Avillonians – backed by the Dragon Clan, the Strong Scorpion Clan sided with the New-comers and opened trade and helped smash any resistence.

Those with supernatural Talents are quiet about their abilities. They fear the Witch Burnings of the Old Country that sometimes occure in the Puritan Villages or they fear the Powers that are native to this land: Shadowlands creatures; The Jade Court or countless other monsters that stalk the land living by Frontier Rules

Themes and Threats


Cowboys and Samurai

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